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Apply warm water and antibacterial soap to a Q-tip to remove any crusty matter. Once the crust is completely removed, apply saline solution to the piercing while moving the jewelry through it. Repeat this at least three times a day; Make sure to clean the piercing both in the morning and at the end of the night. 


Do wash hands thoroughly before cleaning your piercing

Do clean your piercing at least twice a day

Do adjust clothing as needed, especially with navel piercings

Do treat your piercing gently


Do Not touch piercings with dirty hands

Do Not pick at your piercings (if there is a crust build up, clean it!)

Do Not use band-aids or bandages over piercings.

Do Not use Heficlens, hydrogen peroxide, Alcohol, witch hazel, Bactine, "ear care solution," etc. on any piercing, new or healed.

Do Not swim in public swimming pools for at least 2 weeks. Avoid hot tubs and untreated water, (lakes, etc) for at least one month.

Do Not use additional beads, chains, or weights for one year.

Do Not change jewelry on your own for one year. Consult your piercer for any changes that you might want during that year.

Do Not use bleaches or hair color while facial piercings heal.

**Your new piercing was performed with great care to ensure cleanliness and a quick healing period. It is up to you to perform aftercare exactly as directed. The quality of aftercare greatly affects the healing period. Problems with properly cared for piercings are rare, but if you have a concern or question, feel free to call us. In case of serious infections, contact your physcian.

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